Is your child’s safety worth more to you than their profitability is worth to a trafficker?


Your child’s safety is priceless.

Vigilant Families provides you:

● Unlimited lifetime access to the existing online video training

● Access to a private, moderated parents’ online social group connecting you to local organizations, opportunities to get involved, and advocates all over the world

● Revised, current, and time-sensitive content you need, including all future course improvements -- at no additional cost!

● BONUS: eligible for foster-care educational credits in some states*s

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Our Promise to You at Vigilant Families is:

  • Convenience
  • Age-Appropriate Information
  • Exhaustive Topics
  • Current and Trustworthy Content
  • Return on a Quality Investment

Why do we charge?

  1. Vigilant Families does not intend to stop fighting this battle. We strive to continue to produce accurate, valuable, and high-quality content for you, too. Yet, a non-profit status that depends on donations always jeopardizes sustainability and therefore your access. Part of our "fundraising" model is to provide you with a product so that we may continue to outsmart traffickers, produce future resources and services, and remain financially capable to do so.
  2. It is statistically proven that victimizers attend accessible trainings that are either free or local in order to educate themselves on how to be more evasive. Our intention is to weed out anyone not truly invested in the safety and well-being of their children and grandchildren. 
  3. Lastly, we trust this product will change lives. But, it has to be utilized to do so. We believe a financial investment is motivation to also invest time in this empowering education.

*Certifications and educational credit eligibility varies by state.