My daughter was pulled from my arms in our local grocery store by a complete stranger. Hours later, with the kids and me in the safety of our home, I sat in front of my computer screen. I wanted to know what just happened. I wanted the facts. What I came across was absolutely horrifying. 

How, as an educated woman, invested in her children, in a free-thinking country, did I not know about the fastest growing crime worldwide (United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime, 2019)?

How did I not know of the nearly 1000% increase in this epidemic over the last five years (NCMEC)?

That we are living in the “age of pedophilia” according to FBI, that there are 750 thousand pedophiles trading in child porn & rape online every second worldwide (Terre Des Hommes 2019), or that this sickening business produces more profit in a single year than the MLB, NHL, NFL, and MBA combined (ILO 2019)? And, how did I not know my children, your children, were a traffickers’ sought after product? How did I not know?

There was no one to tell me. 

The child sex trafficking trade wasn’t just in third world countries like I had vaguely heard about. It was in my country, my cities, my small town, and it had now invaded my own home. I was replaying how this unknown woman took my toddler’s hand in the brief moments she held her and told my sweet daughter to parrot, “Say bye-bye to Mommy” as she manipulated a wave and began to walk away. Can you imagine my feeling of helplessness? 

Later, my fears would be confirmed. This stranger was one of a four-person trafficking ring and its leader was a rapist let out of prison just a few weeks earlier. My helplessness turned into tenacious conviction and a commitment to other families not to leave them as vulnerable as I was.

I briefly shared a warning and cited the research I had found intended for my local mom-friends. It is estimated 60 million people and counting read what became an unintentional viral fury. It became clear to me. Parents want to be informed and empowered, yet there is little research that is conveniently in one place, current, trustworthy, and sensitive in leaving out the grotesque.

Mindful of my own fearful encounter and using my professional experience in education and corporate training, I developed, along with expert contributors you can meet here, a comprehensive and cutting-edge training program for grandparents, parents, young adults, and children; families like mine.

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