Vigilant Families is the first-ever 

online anti-child trafficking training for parents & kids.

Because, vigilant means invulnerable.

Vigilant Families is

the first-ever 

online anti-child trafficking training for parents & kids.

Because, vigilant means invulnerable.


Experts and even child sex traffickers agree that vulnerability is what all predators are looking for. 

Created as the first-ever online preventative trafficking training for you and your children, Vigilant Families is outsmarting victimizers by empowering families. Every course is designed by an educator for parents or their children and covers endless topics in short and memorable lessons taught by credentialed experts.

Vigilant Families are invulnerable families. 



Broken into bite-sized lessons within each module, a 5-7 minute recording is easy to listen to in the car or while making dinner together. 

 Age-Appropriate Information

Marked for audience appropriateness, you can be assured Vigilant Families will not traumatize your innocent children, but empower them to feel safe and secure. The three audiences are:

  • Child
  • Teen
  • Parent Only

Current and Trustworthy Content

Since child trafficking is a business, it is ever-evolving. Run by innovators attempting to stay one step ahead, you as a parent need information that is continually current. You can always trust Vigilant Families’ research to be trustworthy, devoid of shock-value, and full of invaluable facts you sincerely can’t afford to live without. 

Return on A Quality Investment

Created by an educator who collaborated with top experts, FBI, CIA, doctors, professors, authors, and researchers, Vigilant Families is an investment with staying power. You and your children will not forget the memorable information shared in intentionally engaging formats.



Our high-quality recordings cover everything you as a parent need to keep your family informed, empowered, and safe. Here are just some of the numerous topics you can expect from leading experts, CIA, FBI, doctors, professors, authors, and researchers:

Exhaustive Topics

  • Self-defense for kids
  • Self-defense for teens and moms
  • Protecting your teens from the trend of “peer trafficking”
  • Internet safety tips for teens
  • 5 things your children under 5 need to memorize
  • How to safeguard your kids on common electronic devices
  • Outsmarting a trafficking with 3 simple principles
  • Parenting less vulnerable with “relational connections”
  • Trafficking as a business 
  • The truth about abduction
  • The locations you frequent that your children are most vulnerable
  • What every foster parent needs to know about child trafficking
  • Teaching your children to interact with strangers
  • The effects of pornography on the brain 
  • Safeguarding your children from trauma in the classroom